Our Team’s Great, But There’s Always Room For One More

Who We Are Looking For…

We are in need of someone who can think on their feet. We require a type of person that can create happy clients by thinking ahead to prevent small issues becoming problems for our members. Our business is the combination of people and their information.

If you like to work towards a goal independently, with the backup of an experienced, happy, high performance team, we would love to hear from you.

If you have the following skills, we would love to see your complete application.
If you have the right attitude, we can guide you because we like to invest in, and look after our people.

NOTE: We can only accept applications from Australian citizens, permanent residents, or a suitable open work permit.

Is This You?

  1. You’re highly organised with a very good eye for detail.
  2. You have exceptional written communication skills.
  3. You are able to work independently and have an ability to work in our team – you willl need to be able to work on your own and make decisions, but you will get full on the job training from our team to help get you started.
  4. You’re a motivated self starter with exceptional organisational and time management skills – you like getting things done in record time and don’t mind digging deep into data to achieve great results.
  5. You are proactive and a problem solver – admin for you is like numbers are for accountants, you’re obsessive in finding simple answers to complex systems.
  6. You can multitask and keep calm – our business is growing and evolving at the moment so the ability to jump from task to task is vital to your success here.
  7. You have strong technical skills and can adapt to new processes quickly. We have a stable technology platform but we are building more as we grow so the ability to take on new technical skills is required. An adaptive, flexible mindset is vital.

We have a positive, happy and collaborative work environment. We put your family first and support working parents (if you’re not a parent, you can still apply).

To meet our team online and check out our company values; purpose and why we do what we do, get started by clicking here.

We are a performance based company, not clock watchers, you’ll be responsible for keeping track of your time and getting through your work in a dedicated and accurate manner. Responsibility and accountability are a must, we all make mistakes but how we own up, show up and ask for help are key to our collective success.

Culture is Everything

We hire on mindset (not just skill-set).
Being a culture based business means the right attitude and leadership abilities are central to your success. We will guide you in the systems and best practices of the business.
We believe in making work, both fun and rewarding.

Check out Our Company Values, (or watch the video) and
if these align with who you are, read on…

The following roles and duties should be viewed as minimum requirements:

• Be the key liaison between IICT and external service providers in relation to business systems scoping, development, testing, deployment, post deployment troubleshooting and problem solving.
• Troubleshoot technical or systems related problems as they arise
o Log and track all system issues; Liaise with the vendor to problem solve and locate the cause of the problem. Approve the fix suggested, test the fix and then implement the change to the system.
• Propose a technical strategy and budget for the next 12-36 months
• Participate in leadership meetings
• Prepare and regularly update staff training materials for all administration systems and processes.
• Keep existing staff up to date with workflow and systems changes (run workshop sessions where necessary)
• Support the day-to-day work of the admin team as and when needed, or directed, by the CEO.
• Support the onboarding of new staff by training them on all our systems.

• Relevant bachelor’s degree
• Minimum of 3 years’ experience as a Systems Analyst
• Very strong knowledge of office management and business systems, member platforms (CRM) and procedures. Our systems include HubSpot, M365, MySQL, AWS, Word Press, Joomla and Zoho
• High level knowledge and project managedment experience using MS Project, Asana and Clickup
• Strong technical knowledge of HubSpot; configuration, trouble shooting.
• User acceptance testing experience.
• Very strong data management skills using Excel and MySQL.
• Experience with data analysis; Queries, Pivot Tables, Dashboards
• ITIL Certification and experience with project management education
• Confident investigating and troubleshooting issues as they arise
• Strong organisational and planning skills
• Excellent time management skills: Ability to multi-task, prioritise and schedule work
• Very strong attention to detail and problem-solving skills

– Strong work ethic, self-starter and highly motivated, love a job well done

– Happy to work in a high performance team environment

– Solving peoples problems and collaborate on projects

– Can work independently

– A dedication to data accuracy and reliability

– Ability to be flexible in your hours and willing to go the extra mile

– Excellence in customer service, we have a passion for our members.

Full-time hours during the working week.
We can discuss times and options with you at your interview.

If you are selected for an interview and have moved to the next round, you will be given a 1 week paid trial. After this first week is completed (and provided you are suitable for the position), we will award a full-time position at an annual salary of $75,000 plus super which includes: leave and a contractual workplace agreement. Note: We require a minimum 12-month commitment as part of your workplace agreement and 4 weeks notice; should you wish to give notice during (and after) your initial 12-month commitment.

Once you’ve completed your first year with us you will be moved to a 4 day work week. We feel it’s important to have work life balance and we can accomplish as much in four days as we can in 5 if we’re happy in our lives. There’s huge amounts of research on this and we’re proof of it in action.

After 3 months of working at IICT, we will do a review of your performance. We will also conduct a survey where you can provide us with feedback and you’ll have the opportunity for further advancements throughout the year.

We are dedicated to growing our people. Expect to learn and to be coached so you can be the best version of you. We will provide you with tools to further your experience and interpersonal skills so working as a team is truly experienced.

In addition to being on-boarded in a comprehensive manner, you will be accessed for culture fit by undergoing our social behaviour based questionnaire. This involves answering a series of questions that will help us to determine how you’ll integrate with our team.

– Your up-to-date CV.

– Your best contact number and email address.

– 3 professional references that can be verified.

– A short description of yourself and why you are the right person for this unique opportunity.

– How our company values align with yours.

– Please be sure not to miss any of the above submission requirements.

We use NLP profiling techniques to select suitable applicants. When answering these questions, just go with the first answer that comes to mind, it is usually the best one. Please submit these as part of your application.

Good luck!


  1. What do you want in a Job? What is important to you when you’re considering a new job?


  1. In relation to your last position. Did you take the position because you needed the work or was it because the type of work interested you?


  1. What was it that you enjoyed most about your last position?


  1. How do you know when someone else is doing a good job?(Please select the answer that best fits for you.)
    A. Do you have to hear it from another person?
    B. See them doing the job?
    C. Read about it in a report or just look at the numbers?


  1. How often does someone have to demonstrate competency before you’re convinced?(Please select the answer that best fits for you.)
    A. You just automatically know that they’re good at it.
    B. You have to see them do it a number of times. How many times_______
    C. You have to see them perform over a period of time. How long_________
    D. A person is only as good as their last success


  1. If we were going to do a project together, would you want to know the big picture first, or the details first. Would you really need to know all of the details and then the big picture after that?(Please select the answer that best fits for you.)
    A. Just the big picture
    B. Just the details
    C. Big picture and then the details
    D. Details and then the big picture


  1. Tell me about your last holiday?


  1. What is the relationship between what you’re doing this year on the job, and what you did at this time last year?


  1. When you need to work through a problem or a challenge in your life, is it absolutely necessary for you to:
    (Please select the answer that best fits for you.)
    A. Talk about it with someone else, or
    B. Think about it by yourself only?
    C. A bit of both


  1. What are the most important things in life to you?
    Please list 5 things (one word for each will do)
  1. What are the most important things you look for in a job?
    Please list below (one word for each will do)


  1. If someone you knew quite well said to you, “I’m thirsty,” would you:
    Find the comment interesting, or would you feel really compelled to do something about it?


  1. If you felt that someone around you was not performing as well as they should, would you:
    Come to the point and tell them directly; do nothing, or would you hint, imply and give them clues?

Email our CEO, Kraig Lenehan, (kraig@myiict.com) with “Byron System Analyst Opportunity” in the subject heading.

Please email in PDF, the following:

– Your résumé
– Your answers to the 13 questions above
– Any references to support your application
– A short description of why you believe you’re the right fit to join our fabulous team

We look forward to receiving your application.

Applications close on the Friday, 10th of December at 17:00

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