Aims of the IICT

IICT is committed to providing professional membership and insurance for every complementary therapist. On this page you will find a list of the aims of IICT.

  1. To ensure all IICT Members will adhere to, and comply with, all sections of the IICT Constitution and Code of Ethics.
  2. To raise the overall public awareness of complementary therapies and practices, as well as related healing arts and natural health sciences.
  3. To ensure complementary therapists function at the highest professional standard.
  4. To foster and encourage a ‘bridging’ between conventional allopathic medical and allied professions.
  5. To maintain overall professional standards through membership with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.
  6. To provide an international voice for complementary therapists and health professionals.
  7. To encourage the sharing of knowledge and good will among IICT Members.
  8. To promote the needs of complementary therapists and identify future directions for the complementary health industry.
  9. To create community and fellowship within the diverse complementary health industry.
  10.  To provide affiliation and greater credibility for complementary therapists via professional membership with the IICT.
  11. To promote consumer confidence in the complementary health industry and complementary health practitioners.