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Hello and Welcome!

At IICT, everything we do and believe in is about challenging the status quo.

As an independent professional industry body that provides membership, insurance, resources, and a global community for complementary therapists, we believe in thinking differently and truly serving our members based on what they need.

We accept all qualified practitioners equally and fairly based on appropriate industry standards for over 1,100 complementary therapy modalities.

IICT is the best fit for complementary therapists who practice multiple modalities, as we remove the need to join an expensive association for each modality. We cover them all for you in one simple membership, with guaranteed access to the industry’s most competitively priced insurance cover and no continued education requirements.

With the world’s largest list of complementary therapy modalities and an international community across 39 countries, we invite you to join us at IICT for all your complementary therapy practice needs.

You can be sure that if you practice it, we cover it.

Our Mantra

Cherish Our People.

Our Vision

To Contribute to the Lives of Therapists Throughout the World by Cultivating Credibility, Trust and Belonging.

Our Purpose

To Recognise, Unite and Inspire Every Therapist Throughout the World.

Our Values
What Makes Us Tick

Our Values


We value working together as a team, powerfully through authenticity. To us at IICT, this means being real and having genuine conversations, working together to achieve our best results, and being present with ourselves and each other every day.


We like to experience work as play at IICT. We do this by bringing joy to work each day, having fun with our clients, members, and each other.


We believe in always taking accountability for our actions and words. We do this by being congruent in keeping our word, being honest in our actions and cultivating honesty from others, and simply doing the right thing. This in turn, creates transparency and extraordinary results for all.


At IICT, we believe in delivering value to the lives of others through our contribution and service. We do this by giving our best each day, and always striving to improve from yesterday.

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