Get Your Course Approved with IICT for Professional Membership and Insurance

How We Can Help You…

Get professional recognition for all your courses (modalities) in 35+ countries

Gain access to insurance coverage for your students and graduates

If the modality you’re teaching isn’t on our Approved Modalities list, we can help you bring it to the marketplace. We’ll collaborate with our global insurance partners to get your modality covered. This is what we call a ‘New Modality’.

If the modality you’re teaching is already on our Approved Modalities list, you can get your course approved by applying for an ‘Existing Modality’.

How to Apply

Which of the following best describes you?

Existing IICT Training Provider
(Submitted your original application after October 2021)

Log in to the Training Provider Portal, select ‘+ Add Existing Modality’ or ‘+Add New Modality’ and follow the prompts to submit your application for review.

Existing IICT Training Provider
(Submitted your original application before October 2021)

Please contact for an application form.

I am not an IICT Training Provider

You will need to apply to become an IICT Training Provider in order to have your course recognised. As part of your Training Provider application you will be able to submit a modality application.

Modality Application Pricing

Pioneer Training Provider plan includes 1 modality application*.
Premier Training Provider plan includes 2 modality applications*.

Any additional modality applications not included in your chosen Training Provider plan will incur a one-time non-refundable fee of $175.

*Modality applications are not an annual recurring benefit. Any unused modality applications will continue to roll-over each year until used.

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