Katrina was born and raised in Miami, Florida and graduated with honours from the University of Central Florida with a focus in Hospitality and Event Management. She spent the greater part of a decade working as a corporate meeting and luxury wedding planner for Starwood Hotels and Resorts. Her proudest moment – piloting the companies’ first environmental sustainability team.

Four years ago she moved to Australia with her husband and decided to pivot – combining her skillset with her passion for health and wellbeing.

She became a certified yoga instructor and Usui Reiki practitioner and partnered with several local businesses to bring health and mindful centric events to the Melbourne community. In 2019 she settled permanently in northern NSW. In her free time ‘Kat’ loves beach walks with her French bulldog Henry, camping adventures with her husband, attending yoga and Vedic meditation events, reading personal development books, and devouring podcasts – she’s a massive fan of Super Soul Conversations, Tara Brach, and TED Radio Hour. She also shamelessly binge watches Netflix – “Hey, life is all about balance.”

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