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Professional Membership & Insurance for Crystal Healers

Professional Recognition for Crystal Healers

IICT provides professional membership and access to crystal healing insurance cover to protect you, no matter where you are on your complementary therapy journey.

Whether you’re a student, a qualified crystal healing practitioner, or a training provider educating the next generation of crystal healers, you can rely on IICT to provide the credibility and cover to protect you while you practice.

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Insurance for Crystal Healers

We know you’re passionate about helping people to live happy, healthy lives.

At IICT, we also want to ensure you have comprehensive professional indemnity and public liability insurance to protect you and your clients so you can continue doing what you love.

That’s why we have insurance partners across Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, Europe (EEA), United Kingdom and South Africa, to ensure you can be recognised and protected, no matter where you are.

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Multiple modality recognition in one simple membership

Practicing modalities other than Crystal Healing? IICT currently approves 1,100+ modalities for professional membership and insurance, so you can have all your modalities covered in one simple membership, with easy access to multiple modality insurance cover.

We’ve done the hard work for you, so you can continue doing what you love.

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Professional Membership & Insurance for Crystal Healing Therapists

What is Crystal Healing?

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Do you teach Crystal Healing to others?

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Crystal Healing uses the vibrational properties of crystals to bring balance and healing to the mind-body system. Each crystal has unique properties that can address specific emotional or physical blockages. During a typical session, a crystal therapist will strategically place crystals on or around a client to support them with attuning to the crystal’s healing and transformative intelligence. Practitioners may also advise their clients to wear certain crystals, place crystals in their bath or infuse their drinking water, create a crystal grid in their home or workplace, or use crystals as part of a ritual, such as space clearing or intention setting.

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