Free Resources & Tools to Support Your Mind, Body & Spirit

IICT was created to support our community of complementary therapists, in good and bad times. Therefore, we have put together a collection of FREE resources and tools to help you find ways to support your mind, body, and spirit at any time.

We hope you find the resources below helpful in building a positive mindset and healthy lifestyle with confident optimism.

Sacred Cacao & Ceremony | Free eBook

Sacred Cacao & Ceremony | Free eBook

Learn about the importance of creating ceremony and honouring the sacred practice of cacao to centre and deeply connect with your inner self.

Natalie McIvor-The Vibrational Healer offers a FREE eBook which shares these self awareness tools to heal, restore and invite love & joy into your heart.

Free Nutrition, Wellness & Coaching Sampler Courses

Sample our Pillar 1 from our Introduction to Holistic Wellness course which explores holistic wellness over the Five Pillars of Well Beings: Nourishment (for the body, mind and spirit); Connections (self, others, and beyond); Compassion (to self and others); Wisdom; Transcendence. In this sampler, you dive into the nourishment of the mind, body and spirit .

Free Resources_Mind Body Education

Feel connected to the present moment | Free Mini Audio Lessons

Mind Body Education is the home of the most comprehensive, industry-recognised and evidence-based training courses for Meditation Teachers.

Access free mini audios including “Meditation and Kids – how young is too young” and “5 surprising benefits of meditation you may not know.” Listen now and feel connected to the present moment.

Heart Chakra - Hot Stone Massage | Free Online Training

Heart Chakra – Hot Stone Massage | Free Online Training

This hot & cold stone massage training from Stone Eagle Massage teaches:

  • How to remove energetic blocks from the heart chakra
  • The use of sacred healing stones to perpetuate healing for your clients
  • Sustainable massage techniques to reduce the strain on your wrists and thumbs

Start your free training now and learn how to balance you and your clients’ heart chakra.

Meditation Recording

The Path To Self Compassion | Meditation Recording

As practitioners, we are natural givers. That is our superpower. However, we also need nurturing to help us stay grounded, health and energised to continue the great work we love.

Join Paul McCann, Endeavour College of Natural Health Academic Supervisor, Founder and Principal Therapist of Body Wisdom in a free guided meditation session.

Dive deeply into the practice of self compassion today.

Shaking Medicine Class

Shaking Medicine Class | Free Intro Level Video

Shaking Medicine is a natural way to relieve stress, anxiety, pain, inflammation, suppressed emotions and trauma. In turn, it allows us to easily access more vitality, resilience, strength, flexibility, peace of mind, ease of living and much more. The only way to truly understand it is to embody it.

Enjoy your unique experience with the medicine of shaking, facilitated by Dr. Keith Motes – Founder of

I’m Positive! eBook | Program Your Thoughts and Feelings to Create a Positive Life

Packed with helpful strategies and information, ‘I’m Positive!’ by Michelle Robinson (co-founder and Principal Educator of Trust Your Intuition), provides a guide to creating an energised and healthy life.

Learn how to let go of unhelpful thought processes, emotional hurts, and outdated beliefs so you feel confident, optimistic, and in control of your choices. Steer your life in the right direction and program your mind so that positive thoughts and feelings are your natural default.

TRE Self-Guided Course

Shaking Off COVID Stress & Anxiety | TRE Self-Guided Course

Richmond Heath shares this free online course to help with stress and anxiety.

Whether you are wanting to release stress and tension, or are looking for ways to improve your sleep, build your resilience, enhance your performance, or optimise your mental health and physical well-being, TRE is a simple but profound self-care technique you can use on your own for the rest of your life.

Heart-centred Practices and Mindfulness

Breathwork, Heart-centred Practices and Mindfulness | Self-Guided Course

Come on a journey with your HEART in love, courage and stillness, thanks to Debbie Rossi from Centre for Intuitive Meditation. Let each breath become an invitation to dwell within your inner knowing / inner truth as your own wisest teacher.


28-Page Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook

Take a moment to tune into your body and notice how you’re feeling with this workbook. Created by The Wellness Society, this guide provides you with the tools and techniques to build resilience during difficult times.

Remember to take good care of your mental and physical health & wellbeing. If you are struggling, reach out to an expert for support. Take care and stay safe. Here are additional resources if you or anyone you know needs help: