IICT Membership is recognised in 35+ countries worldwide; however, international modality recognition is subject to the approval of regional insurance partners, regulation of ‘protected titles’ (see below), and regional/state training requirements. It is your responsibility to be aware of any License(s), Registration(s), and regional/state training requirements in the countries/regions in which you are teaching courses. Below is a list of all countries that IICT currently operates in: UK and Europe: United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Gibraltar, Iceland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Greece,
Sweden, Channel Islands, Norway, Estonia, Austria, Malta, Isle of Man, Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, Czechia, Cyprus, Lithuania, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Finland South Africa (covered under the EU/UK insurer) Oceania: Australia, New Zealand United States If you are registering a New Modality and you are teaching this modality/course in the United States, kindly note our United States insurer is not currently accepting New Modality applications. For more information, please contact our Training Provider Services team on atpsupport@myiict.com Canada In Canada, there are two modality categories – approved and pre-approved:

  • An ‘approved‘ modality has already been approved by our insurance broker, BMS Canada (BMS). Your graduates can apply for insurance through BMS Canada (BMS), once their IICT Membership has been approved. Please note that underwriting criteria applies.
  • A ‘pre-approved‘ modality will require further review by our insurance broker, BMS Canada (BMS). Once the first practitioner applies for insurance, the modality will move through the final review process, which can take up to three weeks once all required information has been received from the applicant. Please note that underwriting criteria applies.