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  • Kinesiology & Self-care in the World of Caring July 26, 2022
    As Kinesiologists, our philosophy and approach to healing always comes back to energy. If we consider the simple law of physics that for every action there is an equal or opposite reaction, for every action we give to our passionate work, we must find a way to counterbalance with self-care. 
    Terese Mudgway and Sarah Gilmour-Mayne
  • The Benefits of Breathwork and How to Start Your Practice July 13, 2022
    Breathwork has been around for thousands of years, and has its roots in ancient Eastern practices such as yoga and Tai Chi. The breathwork movement in Western culture became prevalent around the 1960s – 70s, and in recent years has really created a buzz within the wellness industry.
  • The Importance of Sleep and How to Improve Your Sleep Quality July 6, 2022
    Sleep is vital to human health. It allows our bodies and minds to rest and recharge and plays a crucial role in our overall well-being. A recent survey by Australia Talks revealed that millions of Australians aren't getting enough sleep. Experts recommend 7 to 9 hours of sleep for adults, yet according to, 1 in 3 Australians don't […]
  • Starting a Pilates Studio: What You Need to Know June 14, 2022
    If you’ve ever thought about opening your own Pilates studio, now is the perfect time. The fitness industry is on the rise in the aftermath of the pandemic, and according to forecasts, the market for Pilates & Yoga studios will generate USD$269,301.8 million in revenue by 2028. Starting and operating a successful Pilates studio involves hard […]
  • Running a Successful Yoga Business in Today’s Online World June 8, 2022
    Do you remember a time when yoga was taught in community halls and the thought of posting a picture of yourself doing a backbend online seemed unfathomable? Oh, how this industry has changed. Regardless of how you feel about it, the online world came along and shook this industry up big time. Many resisted it, […]
    Emma Maidment
  • Effective Communication for Complementary Therapists May 31, 2022
    What is effective communication?
    Scott Shelly and Ashlee Sherman of Barry.Nilsson. Lawyers
  • Start Your Journey of Becoming a Certified Reiki Practitioner May 13, 2022
    What is Reiki?
    Jacqui Thomson
  • The Difference Between Being Trauma Aware And Trauma Informed May 13, 2022
    What skills do I need to support my clients with trauma? With an increasing focus on sensitively handling clients who have experienced trauma, it is necessary to understand the extent to which your education and training has equipped you to do this. There are different levels of expertise when it comes to working in this […]
    Raquel Dubois
  • Video Marketing for Complementary Therapists March 13, 2022
    Humans are visual creatures and tend to process and respond to videos better than texts. For this reason, video marketing is an excellent way to pass information to potential customers compared to other forms of marketing.
  • Developing the Ideal Homepage – 5 Key Elements to Consider January 15, 2022
    Would you like to attract online visitors easily and reduce your website's bounce rate without purging your purse? Then it is time you got serious with your homepage.