Should I consider this cover if I work in the Public Health Sector?

As a Public Health Sector worker, without your own insurance policy you are relying on your employer’s insurance, which may be geared more towards protecting your employer. Further, Public Hospitals or Health Centres typically carry policy excesses upwards of $250,000; which means that, in the event of a claim against you, they may decline to cover you. Your employer’s policy may not cover you for:

  • Your services with previous employers
  • Your private practice work
  • Your past services rendered
  • Your services provided as a contractor, sub-contractor or consultant
  • If you are sued by your employer
  • Legal support for regulatory inquiries, disciplinary hearings and coronial enquiries

IICT Members who participate in the Insurance Program also have peace of mind that they have an individual limit covering their interests. Having your own individual policy ensures you are covered if you want to work while transitioning from one employer to the next.