Professional Membership and Access to Insurance Without the Need for CPD Points

Are you tired of Continued Education Requirements? Are you frustrated by the mandatory CPD points required by your association every year?

If you’re like most natural therapists, you’re likely exhausted by all the mandatory point collecting you’re required to do for your association. Keeping up with CPD points not only takes precious time away from your business and earning potential, but also adds travel costs and expenses.

Imagine if CPD points could be a thing of the past, yet you could still obtain professional membership and insurance for your qualifications? At IICT, that’s exactly what we offer. We have no continued education requirements and recognise all your existing qualifications under one insurance policy.

How do we do that?

Our rigorous verification process is so thorough that once you’ve been approved with IICT, you’re set for life. We believe continued education is expensive and unfair. Why pay hundreds to relearn what you already know, year after year? Ongoing education is important to IICT however we encourage it to be at your own pace and on the topics you find relevant and interesting – not just to tick a box.

If you’re looking for an easier, more exclusive and hassle-free approach to membership and insurance, consider switching from your existing association to IICT. We would love to welcome you into our growing global community of 10,700 members across 35+ countries. With the largest list of modalities insured, it’s time to choose IICT and save.