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Professional recognition for all your modalities in 35+ countries*

Insurance coverage for your students and graduates

Pioneered a new modality or the modality you’re teaching isn’t on our existing list of approved modalities?

We can help you bring your modality to the marketplace. We’ll collaborate with our global insurance partners to get your modality covered.

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Existing IICT Training Providers

IICT Training Provider applicants

Teaching practitioner level courses? You’re in the right place. Give your students peace of mind with guaranteed IICT professional membership and insurance for their practice, while they are studying and upon graduation.

If you’re an existing Training Provider click here for instructions on how to make a new submission.

If you are applying as a new Training Provider, you’ll be prompted to submit a new modality application and supporting documentation in your application.

To learn more about how to become a Training Provider click the button below.

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New Modality Pricing

New Modality Application

*Additional New Modality Applications: $59. New modality applications are not an annual recurring benefit; however, any unused applications will continue to roll-over year over year. Each additional new modality application thereafter will incur a fee of $59.00International modality recognition is subject to the approval of regional insurance partners, regulation of ‘protected titles,’ and regional/state training requirements. Training Provider Memberships are automatically renewed on an annual basis, unless otherwise specified. IICT is a self-regulated professional membership body. We are not affiliated with any government regulatory bodies or professional regulatory authorities. Qualifications are not reviewed against a government regulated qualification scheme framework and do not provide ‘national recognition.’ Once approved, all IICT Training Providers must not utilise terms such as ‘nationally recognised training ‘ or ‘nationally accredited training provider’ in conjunction with IICT Training Provider status. Approved Training Provider status must only be referenced in conjunction with the IICT name and common seal on promotional materials, both electronic and hard copy. IICT Newsletter Advertising Feature is subject to Joint Venture Agreement with cross-promotion of IICT to your training network. 

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